What's the difference between Monsterbox X1 Pro and X1 Max?

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Last Update 3 years ago

The only difference between Monsterbox X1 Max and X1 Pro is Hardware Spec and price:

(1) X1 Max has 4gb Flash Memory, X1 Pro has 2gb; and

(2) X1 Max has 128gb Storage, X1 Pro has 16gb Storage; and

(3) X1 Max is $399, X1 Pro is 299.

Our suggestion is

- If you use the box mainly for the Live TV, VOD, playback features, you can consider X1 Pro as it performs these functions as well and seamless as X1 Max

- If you play games on the box and need high flash memory for the performance, you can consider X1 Max

- The Flash Memory and Storage difference will not cause Live TV, VOD, Playback Buffering, as it's streaming, buffering is caused by network mostly

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