How to access Adult Content section?

How to watch XXX content with your Monsterbox

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Step 1: Open your Sterling VOD app

Step 2: If it’s the first time you open the Sterling VOD app, it will ask you to set up a Parental Password, you can set your own one, like “123456”, type it twice and press “Save”

If you set up a Parental Password before or skipped the setup previously, you can go to the next step.

Step 3: Go to “Settings” and Press the “Parental Control” button

Step 4: Enter the Parental Password you set and submit

Step 5: You can select your favourite XXX VOD and play

If you forgot your Parental Password and want to reset it, you would need to delete the Sterling VOD app, and install it back in order to reset the Parental Password

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